Maiya Katherine is a #1 best-selling author, transformational speaker, wellness coach, podcaster, and book-writing coach.


Although she ventured into the business world after college, she eventually decided to follow her life purpose of helping others heal emotional trauma and adopt a success-oriented mindset. Since publishing her first book in September 2021, she has spoken at various universities, mindset programs, mental health podcasts, corporate programs, teen workshops and many other events. She continues to develop workshops, speeches, programs and courses to help others heal their hearts, follow their life purpose, and create abundant and fulfilling lives.

"I stand for people who refuse to let past events dictate their future, dim their Inner Joy, and weaken their inner power. I stand for those who know that they deserve to experience joy, fulfillment, peace, love and purpose, regardless of what they did, or what they endured. My journey shows that one can not only heal and transform, but also and thrive after hardships.” 

(Maiya Katherine)