Maiya Katherine is a #1 best-selling author, transformational speaker, spiritual teacher, wellness coach, writing coach, and podcast host.
Since publishing her first book in September 2021, she continues to develop workshops, speeches, programs and courses to help others heal their hearts, follow their life purpose, and live abundant and fulfilling lives.
"Writing and sharing my story has been one of the most important tools in the fulfillment of my personal and professional goals and aspirations. I believe we all have the ability to use our words to empower, motivate and inspire others" (Maiya Katherine).
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"I write for people who refuse to let past trauma and hardship dim their Inner Joy and weaken their inner power. I write for those who know that they deserve to experience joy, fulfillment, peace, love and purpose, regardless of what they did, or what was done to them. My journey shows that one can heal, transform, and thrive after hardships.‚ÄĚ

(Maiya Katherine)

Book #1: "An Apology to my Demons" (Mental Health / Emotional Health Novel)

In this novel, the main character looks within and realizes she had to heal some emotional trauma carried from childhood before it was too late.

Start your Emotional Healing Journey with her and release emotional baggage that may still be weighing you down and keeping you from living the life of your dreams...

Gift it to people you love who are going through difficult times and help them heal their hearts...

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BOOK #2: "I like Yellow and you like Red" (Children's Book)


A beautiful and Inspiring short story about two best friends who celebrate friendship and teamwork, while still valuing the unique individuals they are inside.

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BOOK #3: "Released May 16, 2024!".

Learn how to fully release the "Energy" of old relationships that may be blocking New Beginnings from coming into your life...

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You know you have a story to tell.


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In this course you'll get:

 * A Proven Writing Roadmap you can easily follow


* Video Modules with valuable content accompanied by additional feedback from me, as I go through each module slide and module lesson,


* Complimentary free 1-on-1 bonus consultations with me to discuss your book idea, course progress or any questions you have about writing your book.


* Automatic membership to our online community of authors and aspiring authors upon enrolling.


* Bonus feedback, tips, and exclusive member only content via zoom, FB, IG, or LinkedIn live session, or social media posts.


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Testimonial #1

M. B. (Course Participant March 2023)

“From the moment I joined her program, I felt a sense of encouragement and empowerment. Her high energy and positive attitude were infectious, motivating me to take the first step towards realizing my dream of becoming an author. Mayia is an incredible trainer who has been instrumental in helping me outline my thoughts to start writing my first book. Her support, energy is amazing. I recommend Maiya to anyone seeking support, inspiration, and a guiding hand on their writing journey. Much love M."

Testimonial #2

Maria C. (Course Participant March 2023)

"THANK YOU MAIYA for a wonderful zoom meeting today to wrap up this AMAZING course. Much blessings to all!" .




We are happy to offer 1-on-1 book-writing coaching programs that are tailor-made for your own individual needs

Our individual and/or group writing coaching services and program include the following topics:


*Identifying a specific book topic for your book.

*Creating a book outline for your book.

*Creating book writing schedules.

*Writing Goal Setting and Implementing.

*Managing Writer's Block.

*Learning the techniques for translating real life experiences into impactful stories.

*Understanding the critical steps of the manuscript-to-publishing process.

*Custom Group Workshops for Aspiring Writers and Authors.


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