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Finally! A guide to Healing from Relationship Breakups and Attracting New Beginnings...


You had a breakup. Your forever person is now your   ex.”  It ’s emotionally tough, 
and you wish you could make a clean break from the situation.  However , 
thoughts of your ex still linger months later, even years later, and you’re not
sure how to get this person off your mind! You are puzzled as to why you
can’t shake them off. 
There is a clear reason for this:  Your ex’ s energy is still intertwined with yours. 
The good news is that you can do something to change that unwanted
attachment.  It will involve taking specific steps to clear your energy of the
old and the past,  so that the ne w can finally come in. 
In these pages you’ll learn the secrets to fully detaching “energetically  
from old relationships and to healing your inner and outer energy to attract
new beautiful beginnings.  You will also learn healthy habits for successful
relationship manifestations.  Don’t let old relationship energy block you from
the fresh start you desire and deserve. 
This book is here to help guide you to the next amazing chapter of your life
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It's time to release ALL Energetic Attachments to the Old, so the New can come in...

This book lays out 8 powerful (but easy) steps you can take right away to ensure you are ready to allow new beginnings to come into your life after a breakup. Physical separation is one thing, but energetic separation is not as automatic as you would think. This book will help you make the clean break you desire and deserve...





Meet the Author...

Maiya Katherine is a #1 best-selling author, transformational speaker, spiritual teacher, wellness coach, podcaster, and book-writing coach.


Although she ventured into the business world after college, she eventually decided to follow her life purpose of guiding others to align with their Highest Frequency and Inner Divine Energy. Her platform's motto is: Heal and Transform your life from the Inside, Out.


Since publishing her first book in September 2021, she continues to develop workshops, speeches, programs and courses to help others heal their hearts, follow their life purpose, and create abundant and fulfilling lives.

"I stand for people who refuse to let past events dictate their future, dim their Inner Joy, and weaken their inner power. I stand for those who know that they deserve to experience joy, passion, fulfillment, peace, love and purpose, regardless of what they did, what they've experienced or what they've endured. My journey shows that you can heal after hardship, and also transform your life to enjoy the fulfillment, joy, abundance, and inner peace that you deserve... and you deserve it all...” 

(Maiya Katherine)

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Excerpt (A) from the book...


(Dedication Page) 

It didn’t go as you expected.

You thought it would last forever. You thought you had found the one.

You were left to mend your broken heart, by yourself, though you’re not the one who broke it.

I know how you feel.

I’ve been there.

But things are different now. You know it’s time to let go.

You know it’s time to claim happiness, joy, and peace again.

It will take work. It will take change.

You will have to let go of people or things that were once important to you.

It’s part of the process. The new can’t come in until the old is fully released.

But you are ready. This is why you are here.

This is why we are here, for you.

The Universe is waiting on your signal to activate blessings for your next life chapter.

Release the past fully, and make room for new beginnings.

You deserve the best. Do your part, and watch life do its part too. It will amaze you.

Excerpt (B) from the book...


(From Prologue Section)

Although your ex is out of the home physically, their energy seems to be in every room of your home. Their presence is still felt in every corner of your closet, in every seat of your car. You try to shake the memories off, and focus on planning your week, but you soon realize that you and your ex spent so much time together that you will think of them when you go to the gym later, when you order from the Thai place, when you take your morning walk by the park, and so on.

If you think: “It cannot be good for me to constantly be reminded of my ex,” you’re right. What we focus on becomes our reality, or better yet, stays in our reality. Having many reminders of past relationships keeps the energy of the old in the present and takes up mental space that should be filled by new beginnings, self-love, inner peace, and new dreams. Since there’s only so much attention you can give to the different parts of your life, past relationship energy must leave to make room for new chapters. Does that mean you have to leave your old life behind, sell everything, unfriend everyone, and move to another country? Not at all. You may consider parting with certain people, places, and things, but there are ways to repackage what’s left behind so that memories of the old don’t haunt you forever and potentially block your new beginnings.

It’s time to release old energies. It’s time to free up your mental space. It’s time to make room for the new beginnings life is so eager to send your way. It’s time to set the stage to receive it all.

That is what this book is here to help you accomplish.