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Wellness and Life Coaching


Wellness and Success go hand-in-hand, and at Blue Dragonfly Life, we want you to enjoy both.


The cornerstone of our work is based on our core values: Confidence, Excellence, Compassion, and Fulfillment.


Our workshops, seminars, and trainings are crafted and prepared to address and respond to your specific needs and expectations. 


At every step of the process our Priority is You.


"A leader is one who, out of clutter brings simplicity. Out of discord, harmony. Out of difficulty, opportunity".
(Albert Einstein)
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Workplace Wellness, Stress Management, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

At Blue Dragonfly Life, we fully understand the critical value of Wellness in an every increasingly changing world.


Now, more than ever, organizations clearly see the importance and necessity of providing their workforce with tools, and techniques to effectively manage and value Productivity and Results, as well as overall Wellbeing.


Some of the workshops and seminars we offer include:

  • Mindfulness for Workplace Stress Management.

  • Developing a strong EQ with the proven success formula of E+R=O.

  • Building a winning mindset in business and in life.

  • Creating individualized Work-Life Balance framework by clarifying your priorities.


It’s time to up your game from the inside, out.


Life Coaching - (Individual and Group)


At Blue Dragonfly Life, we believe that what goes on outside of us is a reflection of what goes on inside. As we say here, everything is an inside job.


Therefore, we are pleased to offer Life Coaching to you in many different ways, so it fits your schedule and life needs.


Whether you prefer to talk virtually, in-person (when doable), or whether you want to gather friends and family for a wellness/self-care moment, we are here for you.


Our Life Coaching programs cover a range of topics from managing overwhelm, aligning mindset with inspired action, mindfulness for more inner peace, incorporating a spiritual practice to daily life, managing changes with less stress, and so on...


For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


In the meantime, may you be well, may you be happy, and may you feel amazing.





Life Coaching (Virtual)

Group Coaching (in-person/virtual)