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What you'll get in our coaching sessions:

  • One-to-One Live Personalized Coaching
  • Weekly targeted discovery exercises to get the answers you need from within.
  • Tools, tips, and techniques you can use right away to improve your life.
  • A tailored roadmap created only for you to get from where you are today to your ideal version of self. 

What we expect from you:

Winning often requires a team effort. During our 8 weeks of Life Coaching, we encourage take advantage of the critical tips and tools included in the coaching exercises and to implement what you learn in our sessions.

What we create together:

The goal of our Life Coaching Program is to work with you to co-create an individualized roadmap, tailored to you, which will include concrete action steps you can follow on your own to embody your best version of self and to live your best life.


 “From the moment I joined her program, I felt a sense of encouragement and empowerment. Her high energy and positive attitude were infectious, motivating me to take the first step towards realizing my dream..."

 M. B. (Student - March 2023)


"Thank you for sharing your story. Your own discovery helped me heal in my own journey too"

X. D. (2024)

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